You’ve done all the ground work.

Now let’s make some sales!

You have a big vision of all you want to do. You’ve worked on your branding, your website, and know you have a great product to offer. The question remains – how do you sell it?

How can you sell your products and services online? How do you get someone to hit the buy button or sign up for your program?

If that’s where you’re at, let me introduce myself.

I'm Ami McCain, and I help creative visionaries and entrepreneurs sell their products online.

You see, I learned the hard way that talent, skill, or a great product does NOT equal a successful business. And while you can be putting forth your best effort, guessing about what will make people buy what you have to offer usually results in a lot of wasted time, energy, and money.

I know this because until I learned the strategy of sales, I had hands-on experience in nearly every discipline of marketing you can think of. Over 20 years ago, I coded my first website by hand, and have since developed dozens of interactive WordPress-based websites for small business owners, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. However 10 years later, my focus moved towards marketing. Because having a website is like having a digital business card. It’s important – but it’s not enough to sell your stuff.

Before I began freelancing with local businesses and non-profit organizations, mastered Photoshop and InDesign so I could produce great looking graphics and print materials while promoting their products, services, and events. But while pretty branding and great design is helpful, it’s definitely not enough to sell your stuff.

I started offering SEO services (search engine optimization), and would rank my client’s websites and videos on the first page of Google and Youtube with ease. This was a great way to get traffic and eyes on my client’s offers, but it was only another form of advertising. And while traffic, advertising, and visibility is a necessity of business, it in itself won’t sell your stuff.

so how do you sell online?

Any good marketing “guru” will point you to a sales funnel. And it’s true – a funnel WILL help sell your stuff. I first was introduced to the world of sales funnels while working as a technical VA with a seven-figure internet marketer several years ago, and had the opportunity to grow in hands-on experience as I built several customized done-for-you funnels for coaches and entrepreneurs.

But what the gurus and marketers often forget – a funnel is a formula but your customer is a person. And unless you combine your funnel with all the other elements of good marketing (like traffic and advertising, having a clear message, and understanding how to best position yourself and your products in the eyes of your client), the fanciest automated system in the world won’t sell your stuff.  This is what I teach my clients – and this is what I call the strategy of sales.

Because once you learn how to sell your stuff, your vision moves from an just an idea into a reality.

what my clients experience

  • I may talk strategy, but I see you as a person. My goal to guide you away from formulaic responses and misinformation, and towards marketing and the right sales system for you and your business.
  • Having a background as a techie, I’m able to offer more than just theory because I practice what I preach. I’ll be able to answer your questions when they come up about what your sales system needs to include (such as how many emails, how many pages, and how the heck to connect everything together).
  • I desire to see you empowered as an entrepreneur – knowing how to sell yourself in order to build a sustainable business that will last the test of time. After working with me, you’ll know more than just how to sell “a” product. You’ll understand the strategy of sales, which you can duplicate as many times as you want to sell whatever you want.